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We’ll Find A Brand New Way, You’ve Seen Enough To Do Better

Yesterday I wasn't having a good day, so when I went into the work, I really didn't feel like talking to everybody. Everybody (okay so maybe like 7 people) asked me what was wrong. I kept telling everybody nothing was wrong because in some truth it was true, I just wanted to be left alone. Jordan kept coming up asking what was wrong, or randomly calling me asking me, each time I hung up. My PIC let me leave 30 minutes early because we were pretty dead, when I got out to my car there was a rose under my windshield wipers. When I got home I took a shower and then about 5 minutes after I came out Jordan came over with another rose. I was shocked. He told me the first rose was for the day before and the other rose was for yesterday. Damn, he's way too nice.

This morning Jordan went to school with me...well, I went to class and he went to Fred Meyer's and bought stuff. Then he drove me to a park in downtown Vancouver, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL... of course it was cold so we didn't stay very long. I want to go there again, hopefully before he leaves.

I can't wait for TOMORROW! After school tomorrow, I'm going to go to Kalin's and we're gonna go shopping and watch movies. Hopefully, do some scrapbooking too. I'm psyched. I love spending time with friends.
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