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Whoa-Oh Oh, We're So Miserable And Stunning

I don't mean for my entries to be so depressing... but I just need to vent. Oh but I can't find my cell phone. Great.

So one good thing about today/this week... Fall Out Boy's new cd came out today, but of course I do not have ANY money to spend.

My life is a wreck. I cried at work again because I suck and I'm just a baby. I went on break to play around with my cell phone to find out that I had 3 voicemails and 4 missed calls.. I found out that my stepmom is currently in the hospital because she had an asthma attack. Pretty much, nobody called me until today when it happened on Sunday.

I have no money, and everything happens in February... or at least just this week and next. Me and Jordan's 5 month anniversary is on Friday, so I figured we could go to the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday and I'd pay... but I only have $70 which is supposed to last me until next Friday. Then this chick is planning a going away party for Jordan on Sunday and wants me to pay for half the stuff. My grandma's birthday is Monday. Then Valentine's Day is Wednesday. I need to just die. Then I still owe soooooo much money to the parents, oh and apparently I owe money on my

School and such always kills me.

I want to cuddle with anybody but I doubt my friends would cuddle with me... well, I could prolly get Michelle into bed with me because she's easy to bribe with. I feel like such a burden to everybody. I feel like I'm a burden to Jordan. I feel like a burden to my family. I feel like a burden to my friends. I want to die. I need no sympathy.
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