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But It's The Wrongs That Make The Words Come To Life.

This weekend in all wasn't so bad. Friday was a whatever day at work, as usual. I really do hate working there. Anyways. Jordan came to my house, met Pete and Jaci and all the little people. All they did was talk and we were like ehhh whatever, and then went to bed. On Saturday we bummed around until 12 or so and then we went to the mall and I bought a pair of pants that were actually on sale, I'm damn proud of that. Came home around 4 and I really don't remember what we did from 4 until 7. But at 7, we went to see Norbit (and btw Crystal was with us from the mall to the movies), but dude I was just checking my bank account and they charged me twice!! Ugh.

Then we went to Fred Meyers coz I need to get some nasty stuff. Came home around 9:30 or so. Jordan made all of us... spagetti (I CAN'T SPELL IT SORRY!!!) and it was pretty tasty. Crystal pissed me off coz she was like "I don't like spagetti with sauce on it.", oh BITE ME. My brother seemed like to like it, along with Lukas. I went to bed stuffed and happy. I'm lucky I got me a guy that can COOK!

Sunday, Dennis made a big breakfast but Lukas and Crystal were stupid because they didn't get up when Pryce AND Taylor told them there was breakfast... so they missed out on that. Jordan and I went to Fred Meyers again to get the correct stuff that I was supposed to get, and then I got 2 books (Zodiac, and Christine by Stephen King), chips, and razors. He got chips and a Snickers bar. We came home and he looked pretty tired so I told him he should sleep, so we laid in my bed and I read Zodiac (pretty interesting book, even though I'm on Chapter 3) and then we fell asleep for a half hour or so. Then we took the kids (as in Pryce, Taylor, Crystal, and Lukas) all to Red Robin. They treated us like crap there, they forgot about us and never gave us boxes...wetwetwgfaegaidiotskakwjtwlkejt. Then we went to Hollywood Video and rented Spider Man 2 and Saw 3.

When we were watching Saw 3, I felt like I loved him more than I ever have. We mostly watched the movie, but every once in a while I would ask him stupid questions, or told him I didn't want my relationship to be like this one girl's relationship that I work with, I don't want to be stuck at home while he's out doing whatever, he told me he wouldn't do that and kissed me. It was just that whole night that I felt closer to him and all we were doing was laying on the couch watching a gory movie. Go figure. But I love him so much and he's leaving in two weeks. Okay now I'm getting teary eyed. Back to reading my book. Nobody cares about my love life anyways.
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