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You might as well not read this, it'll only make you gag...

I miss him so much. I love him so much. My last few days with him were just amazing, even though we didn't even do that much. I went over to his house on Thursday and I'm trying to think of what I did, I know I laid in his bed a lot and watched him play videogames. I came over to his house almost crying that day and just being around him cheered me up. That night we watched the WSU game and wrestled like idiots. Can't even remember that much of Friday either. We went and saw Ghost Rider and then went to Walmart around 9:30 or so. Hung out there for an hour and a half. Then he made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. On Saturday he really wanted to go paintballing but there wasn't anybody there, I felt so terrible! So went back to his house and he washed his truck and for some reason that made happy. When he was taking me home, I almost cried because I wanted to be with him and I knew my days were running out. I came back later that night, and we watched Miami Vice, then his dad made me eat a pizza because he doesn't think I eat anything. Then we cuddled that night hmmmmmm. Sunday mostly consisted of watching him play videogames. Then at night was his going away party. I talked to his best friend and grandma. Yup. Then I pretty much teared up and cried on my way home.

Today though, I went and watched him swear in. If only I could explain everything. I love him. I love cuddling with him.
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