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Please Don't Let My Dreams Run Dry

So I'm going to kill this fucktard in my group because he's stupid and ruining our WHOLE project. Why bother to get together 3 days before our 20 minute presentation is due? Fucker. You're going to die. I think he made this one girl in my group cry. Uh hello, get this through your head, nobody likes you, so just DIE.

Today was an okay day, I suppose. My back is killing me. Oh so the other day my mom came into my room and she was like, "Why do you have pregnancy tests? Do you think you're pregnant? Did you stop taking your pills?"...and then I said, "NO. Don't worry about it."

When I was driving home today, I was thinking about this time after I found out that I got a C- in math and told my mom so she started lecturing me. I was close to crying, so Jordan took me home to get my stuff so I could stay the night at his house. When we were driving to my house he went REALLY fast down this one road and I almost cried because I was already depressed but he was pissed off at my mom. So then he tried to drive me to Kalin's house so I could have "a friend to talk to" but he passed her house, so we drove around Battle Ground and Yacolt. I dunno what the point was of that story. Haaa.
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