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But You, Turn Me Toward The Light

I'm such a nerd instead of playing my iTunes, I'm going around to people's myspaces and if they have good songs I listen to them... like Michelle's, I like her song.

I swear I use WAY too many commas. I had a dream that I hooked back up with this one guy that I dated... but he had a pregnant girlfriend and I really didn't want to be with him. Then Jordan appeared later and life was perfect, I had my arm intertwined with his arm and we were walking around smiling. I miss walking around with him and laughing. Damnit. I'm a SAP. I can't believe how stupid I am.

Yesterday I started prepping my room to paint it. Oh man wasn't that just a joy? My room is going to be a tannish-brown color on two walls, and the other two walls are a LIGHT neutral pink color. I have 4 days off to paint it.

Last thing... and it would be nice if I could get answers. Granted I'm sort of different from the average girls because I won't lets guys get anything, like sex or whatever the hell they want (it took Jordan a LONG time)... but there's this guy I work with and lately he's constantly asking me if I want to go to lunch with him or last night he asked me if I wanted to get ice cream after work but I told him I was leaving at 6 and gonna start prepping my room up. I told my mom about him and she told me he's trying go after me now that's Jordan's after me, is that true?
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