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I'm Selfish As Selfish Comes

Yesterday I painted my whole room... all I need to do is fix some of the areas where the paint came off and then I'm going to move my room around.

I found out recently that one of my friend's isn't a virgin anymore and for some reason I don't like that. I feel like I'm being overprotective of her, I started talking to my mom about that, I told my mom I was being a little hypocritical but I just can't believe she would do that. She's a really smart person, and this guy may just ruin her life. Maybe I just don't give guys enough credit. There's some other relationships with friends of mine and I'm perfectly fine with who they're with because I know the guys'll treat my friends fine.

Is it me, or are a lot of people getting married early? I'll prolly join them. I asked my mom what she would do if I married early and she told me she'd tell me to think about it. I don't care. I love him, too bad I haven't heard ANYTHING from him...uhm ugh.
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