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I'm Doin' Fine, I Plan To Keep It That Way

I left school with a smile on my face, I never go anywhere by myself with a giant SMILE on face. Fucking good day man. I love Miss Michelle Marie Rothwall. I'm totally going to marry her somehow... haha. Whatever.

Okay so Sunday and yesterday I went to lunch with this guy named Walter who I work with, well apparently because we're going out to lunch people are starting rumors saying I'm cheating on Jordan. I would NEVER cheat on Jordan with a guy who probably has every possible STD known to man. That's just DISGUSTING. But then today Walter was like, "Hey, come to lunch with me!" Ehh, this needs to stop. Starting now. Okay, it's official, no more lunches with Walter.

Dude people need to CALL me. I get bored. I need people to talk TO so CALL ME and talk about anything! :) (360) 624-6156. Do it. Starting TOMORROW. My last final is tomorrow and that'll be HELLA easy (no I don't really say "hella" in real life).
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I'll call you today ;)

I ran into a door this morning on the way to breakfast